Twin Flame Lavender Farm

Imagine walking in an organic lavender farm with the finest therapeutic and culinary Lavendula x angustifolia grown from seed. We grow from seed to ensure that no herbicide, pesticide or fertilizer has ever touched any of our lavender plants. Our lavender farm, “Twin Flame Lavender Farm,” is proud to offer you products to satisfy the lavender aficionado in your life. All of our product recipes have been created by us. We use the products ourselves and have “farm friends” that test new products for us and provide feedback. We revisit, revise and perfect our recipes with the feedback we receive from our farm friends before we offer the product to the public for purchase! All of our product is curated onsite – no outsourcing. Classes held year round including lavender crafts and yoga.

Phone: 269-355-1233

Hours open to the public: Hours Vary Weekly – See Website for Current Open Hours