Who doesn’t love lavender? We certainly do! We are the Great Lakes Lavender Growers (GLLG). The GLLG is a member-based organization comprised of and supported by individuals and lavender farmers within the Great Lakes region. Our members come from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and work collaboratively to advance the lavender sector of the agricultural economy.

The GLLG group was formed in 2014 to:

  • Create a network for information sharing and collaboration among commercial lavender growers.
  • Promote the lavender industry through education and research
  • Promote and brand Great Lakes Lavender

The GLLG hosts the Great Lakes Lavender Growers annual conference in March of each year. Although we are not affiliated with the U.S. Lavender Growers Association, we enjoy a constructive relationship with the USLGA and several of our members sit on the board of this national lavender organization.  We also enjoy a productive working relationship with Michigan State University Extension which provides supporting personnel and often sponsors our efforts.

Why lavender farming? Producers are increasingly turning to commercial lavender farming for a variety of reasons. Many want to diversity their farms and create new streams of revenue. Others are more likely beginning growers who may be turning to lavender production after a long career in another field. For these reasons, many new growers have very little experience in lavender production and some often have no farming background whatsoever.

At the same time, rural areas are experiencing a surge in the demand for natural and cultural consumption, much of it is driven by a desire for value-added agriculture, direct marketing and rural experience tourism. People want to ‘know’ their farmer, they want to ‘put a face on food’, and they want to experience agriculture first hand by spending leisure time on a farm or visiting a farm for an educational opportunity.

In this way, lavender is an ideal crop suited to diversification for many small and mid-sized farms. The versatility of the herb for culinary, aromatherapy, and agritourism purposes presents a number of business models for beginning farmers to consider that can satisfy consumer demand and generate rural vitality. The one challenge all farmers face is they are new to the lavender farming game. France, China, New Zealand, Bulgaria have control over major supply chains. U.S. farmers must grapple with the development of new, localized markets since global supply chains are out of reach.

If you are commercial grower of lavender or a curious enthusiast who is still dreaming of fields of purple haze, this website has something for you. We hope you will find useful resources – from general, how-to grow information to national grower studies. Whether you are interested in learning more about the presence of lavender in the region or if you would like to know more about becoming a member of the GLLG, contact Dr. Wynne Wright at wrigh325@msu.edu.

Are you a commercial lavender grower looking for opportunities for continuing education, networks, and resources? If so, join our organization!

The Great Lakes Lavender Growers (GLLG) welcomes new members who live and/or farm in our 5-state region and are currently commercial lavender growers. GLLG members receive benefits including annual conferences, networks, webinars, and more! Sound like a good fit for you?