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Great Lakes Lavender Growers are committed to providing the most up-to-date agricultural information to its members. We also want to provide basic and reliable resources to potential new growers who may be considering commercial lavender farming. Encouraging a new generation of lavender growers is very exciting to us.

Therefore, we have assembled on this page some popular, and relatively basic, readings on lavender production and marketing. You will also find recent and well-regarded books on the subject as well as links to popular websites and regional and national organizations that provide reliable information. Keep in mind there is a lot of information floating on the web that some might not consider ‘reliable’. Most, if not all, of these resources reproduced below come from what we consider to be more reliable sources, such as universities and government agencies. However, as with any research, be critical of what you read and its source. We provide these in the spirit of helping producers or potential producers find answers to their questions.

MSU Horticulture Trial Garden Results: 2016-2018

Between 2016 and 2018 the MSU Horticultural Gardens engaged in a cultivar trail with seven different lavender varieties: Big Time Blue, Folgate, Gros Bleu, Mailette, Munstead, Violet Intrigue and White Spike. The criteria that were used for evaluation each year were: development stage, number of buds, fullness/openness, spike length, color/vibrance, and winter survival. Evaluations were made between 4 and 8 times per year. At the end of the 3 season trial results showed that Big Time Blue and Folgate performed the best while White Spike was determined to perform the poorest. Thanks to Lavender Hill Farm of Niles, MI and Lavender Hill Farm of Boyne City, MI for their donations, and to MSU Extension for its financial support. To see the annual results and accompanying notes on performance click on the links below.

2016 MSU Lavender Trial Results (PDF)

2017 MSU Lavender Trial Results (PDF)

2018 MSU Lavender Trial Results (PDF)

Big Time Blue
Violet Intrigue
White Spike

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Lavender Production and Marketing



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National Lavender Associations/Organizations

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